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About us

Huda Development Association(HAD) is a non profit association NGO  .Since its established in1997 HAD work mainly on developing the community through developing The women, children and youth and working on  relieving  the economical & social borders off  the shoulders of members of the society .Also , the association works elevating  the social& cultural level  of the society by developing the  abilities of the members of the society & encouraging their  participation in the society.

The association is concentration on the  southern area  of  Gaza strip  although Al Huda works within the Gaza strip Governorates .Since its establishment  ,the organization has conducted educational  campaigns on women's and children   issues  ,as well as outreach Programmes.

AL Huda Aim

 Empowering family role in the society through education and   community awareness

Economic impowermnent for poor families.

Fulfilling family needs by variety developments programmes.

Offering distinguished medical services for all citizens

Giving attention to agricultural side

Developing the capacities of child

Establishing women various activities

Encouraging creativity.


Our vision

Promotion of sociaty services (development,health,nutrition,agriculture,and education) tp be advanced in the charity work.